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Senior Backend Developer

Do you want to be part of creating industry-leading customer experiences? If you just nodded your head, you might want to read a bit further.

We are looking for a Senior Backend Developer, who can take on the responsibility of ensuring top-notch backend delivery and is motivated by helping other developers succeed.


Who are we?

At Knowit Experience we make digital visions come to life through top-shelf solutions. We are an agency consisting of cross-disciplinary consultants juggling expertise within UX, digital design, branding, project management, insights and analytics, software development and marketing automation. In short, we create full circle digital solutions that generate value for our clients. And we have fun while doing so.


What will you be doing?

In the position of Senior Backend Developer, you’ll be solving several tasks such as backend development, advising clients, estimating possible development deliveries, tech stack and architecture planning and much more. You’ll be working on different projects at various maturity stages – from conceptual descriptions to specific user stories with high fidelity design. You’ll be challenged as you take on the almighty consultant cap when advising our clients about value-creating initiatives or risk mitigation. Here’s what your daily tasks may look like:

  • Backend development, including .NET development, CMS development (Umbraco, Optimizely), SQL database development.
  • Setup and configuration of cloud infrastructure, e.g., intermediate complex tasks in Azure.
  • Estimation of Epics and User Stories.
  • Being part of agile teams using SCRUM or Kanban.
  • Collaborating closely with other backend developers and other skill groups e.g., frontend developers, solution architects, UX’ers, designers, QA’s, project managers etc.
  • Collaborating closely with clients and participating in cross-functional teams consisting of both Knowit colleagues, client and third-party members.
  • Quality Assurance, making sure we live up to our definition of done in projects.
  • Mentoring junior colleagues


To solve these tasks successfully we imagine that you can nod your head to these:

  • Experience working with C# and .NET
  • Experience working with SQL databases
  • Experience working with a Content Management System, for example Umbraco and/or Optimizely.
  • Experience building API endpoints using REST

Bonuspoints if you can say yes to one or more of these:

  • Experience in building content websites and/or ecommerce websites
  • Experience with configuring Azure for build, deployment and hosting
  • Strong understanding of agile development teams and their performance
  • Strong understanding of headless CMS architecture
  • Strong understanding of performance, SEO, unit testing
  • Basic understanding of frontend (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) development


Who are you?

You thrive in a dynamic environment where the sky's the limit. You enjoy interdisciplinary cooperation and a diverse workforce. And most importantly, you value decency – both towards colleagues and our clients. We want our clients to perceive us as trustworthy and we want an image of always having the client's best interest in mind when delivering digital solutions. So, besides being best friends with C#, CMS, performance, headless and unit-testing, we would be head over heels excited if the following traits also make your head nod:

  • Transparency and trustworthiness – towards colleagues and clients
  • Professional behaviour, integrity and accountability
  • Agility – not afraid of changes
  • Sense of quality for own and team deliveries
  • Collaboration – focus on achieving common goals, together
  • Strong communication skills – both in person and remote
  • Ability to understand and/or speak some Danish
  • Effortless communication in English – both oral and in writing


Why work at Knowit Experience?

We could go on and on about why you should apply for this position. We would probably highlight the lunch made by our own chef, our freshly brewed espresso and our bright and spacious office in the centre of Aarhus. But you shouldn’t apply because of these benefits. You should apply to get your hands on the most interesting clients in town and join the team of both creative and technically savvy people. We enjoy sparring with each other, and we care about each other’s well-being. You will be able to schedule your working hours flexibly. You’ll join a team that you can laugh with – also when you are busy solving the many exciting and challenging tasks. And if you choose to claim it, a lot of responsibility is waiting for you.

At Knowit we feel a sense of responsibility both towards the planet and people. Therefore, we focus on sustainability in our digital solutions and we work actively with diversity & inclusion. It is important to us, that everyone has equal opportunities to succeed  - no matter ethnicity, gender, age, beliefs or all the other characteristics that make you who you are.


Wanna join us?

Please don’t hesitate to send us your CV, cover letter and/or other relevant material. If you have any questions about this position, feel free to contact Mikkel Rom Engholm at Mikkel.Engholm@knowit.dk or by phone on +45 22 49 83 40. We look forward to hearing from you!


Please note that we are looking to hire someone living in Denmark as this is not a remote position.

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