Morgenbooster: Business Design - A Category on the Rise?



User centricity, hypothesising and prototyping. These are some of the core principles of Design Thinking. By empathising with a group of people, these principles promise to reduce uncertainty about what problems to solve for whom and how.

A promise that has caught the interest of a wider audience than the usual endorsers in the field of design (e.g. user researchers, concept developers, product or service designers, etc.).

Most recently, we’ve seen company leaders and managers take up interest in the field, which has led to the uprise of Business Design - a branch of Design Thinking, that challenges traditional ways of running a business.

But which parts of running a business can actually benefit from this alternative mindset and how?

Join this Morgenbooster to hear about where and how we’re working with the concept of business design at 1508 and Knowit Experience.

The Morgenbooster Concept:

Morgenbooster is a recurring morning seminar concept focused on inspiration and knowledge sharing - and just that. We want our Morgenboosters to be straight-to-the-point, no-bullshit seminars about all the things we find most interesting within our digital fields of expertise. This means that the seminars are stripped clear of any sales proposals, advertisement, and long company introductions. It's straight to the good stuff. Exactly like all those types of events should be - in our humble opinion.


Mathias Louis Holdsbjerg-Larsen

Head of Business Design at 1508

The event is in English. And there's a limited number of seats, so don't hold your breath!

OBS! This event is in Aarhus, but you can also experience it in Copenhagen.

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